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Wraith skills

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Wraith skills is one of the types of Skills in Shadow of War. There are 20 Wraith skills.

List of Wraith skills

Name Description
Brace of Daggers Quickdraw to throw a dagger that damages and staggers enemies.
Chain of Souls Aim with (R) during Consume and press (Square) to Drain additional enemies. Consumes Focus for each additional target.
Cleansing Blaze Elven Light also sets enemies on Fire.
Consume When your Might is full, press X + O to Drain an enemy quickly during combat.
Discerning Eye Increase your chance of high-quality gear drops from Captains or higher ranking Orcs.
Elven Light Unleash a powerful blast by pressing Square + X when your Might is full. Stunning and temporarily blinding nearby enemies.
Frostbite Ice Storm Finishers also cause Critical Strike.
Ice Storm Freeze enemies by pressing Circle, then follow with a flurry of sword strikes by repeatedly tapping Square.
Lord of Wrath Consume increases Wrath.
Mind Breaker Increases Domination speed.
Olog Lord Consume works against Ologs.
Poison Blast Elven Light also Poisons enemies.
Prospector Increase your chance of receiving higher quality Gems from defeated enemies.
Rain of Blades Throw five daggers at once (L2) to hit multiple enemies.
Serrated Edge Thrown daggers have a chance of causing Critical Strikes.
Shattering Blow An Ice Storm Finisher shatters your target, causing nearby enemies to flee in terror.
Shower of Ice Press (Circle) to Freeze all enemies in an area in front of you. The higher your Hitstreak, the larger the area of effect.
Swift Barrage Three daggers can be thrown rapidly by repeatedly tapping (L2).
Treasure Hunter Automatically collect loot from defeated enemies.
Winter's Breath Eleven Light also Freezes enemies.

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