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With the Nemesis System, each Enemy as well as Allies, have individual strengths.

List of strengths[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Accursed Weapon Attacks disable the Ring of Power and cause Curse Damage
Armored Mount His mount is heavily armored and resists fire damage.
Battering Ram Increased damage over Structures.
Beast-Master At one with the monsters of Mordor. Beasts will not attack him, but instead fight for him.
Beast-Proof Immune to beast attacks
Flame Cannon Can use a cannon to release blasts of liquid fire
Immune to Beast Attacks
Immune to Curse
Immune to Executions
Immune to Fire
Immune to Frost
Immune to Poison
Immune to Ranged
Immune to Stealth
Necromancer Can raise the dead
Sniper Deadly ranged attacks.