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Story skills

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Story skills is one of the types of Skills in Shadow of War. There are 23 story skills.

List of Story skills

Name Description
Bodyguard Assign a Captain to be your Bodyguard in the Army menu. You can summon the Bodyguard by Press (Right). Press (Right) to command your Bodyguard to attack targeted enemies. Hold (Right) to Dismiss your Bodyguard.
Bright Lord's Wrath Draining or Dominating an enemy fully recovers Health and gains Wrath.
Call Followers Summon a group of warriors to fight alongside you by press Right D-Pad. Press Right D-Pad to command your warriors to attack targeted enemies. Hold Right D-Pad to Dismiss them.
Cluster of Spiders Summon a cluster of spiders by pressing (Right). Spiders have poison attacks which can exploit the weakness of a Captain or Higher Ranked Orc.
Deadly Striker Double-charge your Glaive for more follow-up attacks.(Tap (Square) repeatedly after charging.)
Destroy Followers Hold (Down) to explode the heads of nearby Followers, causing enemies to flee in terror.
Dominate Captain Dominate a Captain whose will has been Broken. Orc Captains who are higher level than you cannot be Recruited.
Domination Drained enemies are also Dominated and will fight for you. Hold (Circle) to Dominate.Use (R2 + Circle) to Stealth Dominate. Press (Down) to Activate.
Drain Hold the button to recover health by draining life from Orcs and Beasts
Eagle's Eyrie Hold (L2) while vaulting an enemy to leap off their head and perform a double jump. If Bird of Prey is unlocked you will be able to enter Bird of Prey as you jump.
Enrage Followers Hold (Down) to enrage nearby friendly Captains. Consumes Wrath.
Elven Rage Each kill gives Wrath energy. When your Wrath is full press L3 + R3 to slow time, making every melee strike lethal and enabling you to unleash unlimited executions.
Final Blaze When Elven Rage ends, a fiery blast is detonated.
Freezing Burst When Elven Rage ends, a freezing blast is detonated.
Hammer of Eregion Press (X) to vault over an Uruk and Freeze them.
Iron Guard Summoned Warriors are tougher.
Lifeblood Hold (Down) to heal all nearby Followers by consuming your Health. Any Followers who are bleeding out are unaffected.
Mighty Swing Releasing (Square) the moment your Glaive is charged generates Might for each enemy hit.
Poisonous Wrath When Eleven Rage ends, a poisonous blast is detonated.
Quiver of Souls Draining an enemy replenishes Elf-shot.
Shadow Strider Press X while leaping to double jump. Allows you to cover wider gaps or change direction between jumps.
Spectral Glaive Hold and release the button after your Glaive appears to initiate a heavy sweeping attack.
Waters of Lórien Upgrade dodge (Press (X)) to instantly flash past enemies. Consumes Focus.

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