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Ranged skills

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Ranged skills is one of the types of Skills in Shadow of War. There are 19 ranged skills.

List of Ranged skills

Name Description
Bird of Prey Hold L2 to slow time and aim while in the air. This consumes Focus. Press L3 to quickly turn around during Bird of Prey.
Brutal Cold Freeze Pin causes nearby enemies to flee in terror.
Bursting Arrow Shoot firepits (R2) to detonate them without Shadow Striking into them.
Chain of Shadows Press (Square) or (Triangle) during a Shadow Strike to chain to additional enemies. Consumes Focus for each additional target.
Deep Freeze Freeze Pin duration is doubled.
Detonate Press L2+ Square to Shadow Strike into a firepit, detonating it and lighting nearby enemies on Fire.
Eagle Sight Focus is consumed at a slower rate while in the air.
Firestorm Mighty Shot causes a Fire explosion.
Freeze Blast Mighty Shot causes a Frost explosion.
Freeze Pin Shooting an enemy's foot Freezes them in place.
Matron's Scent Detonate a firepit and cause ghuls to swarm the area.
Mighty Shot When your Might is full, press R1 to fire an explosive shot.
Savage Ice Freeze Pin affects Olog-hai and Beasts.
Shadow Dominate While aiming at an enemy, press (L2 + Circle) to reach them instantaneously and Dominate them.
Shadow Strike Instantaneously reach an enemy by aiming at them and pressing L2 + Square to kill them or L2 + Triangle to Stun them. Consumes Elf-shot.
Shadow Strike Pull Pull a targeted enemy to you and kill (Hold Square) or Stun (Hold Triangle) them.
Spider Song Detonate a firepit and cause spiders to swarm the area.
Talon Strike While falling, aim at the ground while Holding (L2) and press (Square) to strike the ground with a damaging blast that also Stuns nearby enemies. Consumes Elf-shot.
Venom Mighty Shot causes a Poison explosion.

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