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Predator skills

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Predator skills is one of the types of Skills in Shadow of War. There are 19 predator skills.

List of Predator skills

Name Description
Brutalize Hold L2 + Triangle to perform a terrifying stealth kill, causing nearby enemies to flee while increasing both your Might and your Hitstreak.
Bursting Toxin Grunts who drink from poisoned grog barrels explode, poisoning any nearby enemies.
Contagion Enemies who drink from poisoned grog barrels go berserk and attack anyone nearby, spreading the poison.
Deadly Spectre Hold down Triangle while using Attract to leave behind a Wraith that will kill your target.
Death Threat Use a Worm to deliver a message to a specified Captain, letting him know that you are coming for him. This improves your chances of forging high-quality gear after killing the threatened enemy.
Elven Agility Hold the button for a burst of speed when leaping over objects, landing, or climbing. You can also vault over ledges too.
Monster Hunter Stealth Kills can be used against Beasts.
Poison Tendril Aim at a grog barrel and press Triangle to poison it from afar.
Proximity Trigger Aim at Morgai flies, cages, and bait and press (Triangle) to prime them to trigger when an enemy approaches.
Reckless Hate Brutalize causes more enemies to fire.
Shadow Blade Your first chained stealth kill consumes no Focus.
Silent Runner Holding (X) to sprint no longer creates sound.
Spectral Dash Press (X) while in stealth to cross short distances or reach nearby enemies instantaneously. Consumes Focus.
Spirit Drain Your Wraith will Drain its targets.
Terrifying Presence Your Wraith will Brutalize its targets.
Unyielding Ferocity Using Brutalize gives a bonus to both your Might and Hitstreak.
Vow of Violence A bonus objective is added to Death Threats. Completing it grants you additional rewards.
Worse than Death Shame ruins the mind of your target, enormously reducing their Level and possibly making them Deranged. There is a small chance the target actually becomes stronger, creating a dangerous Maniac.
Wraith Chain Press Sqaure to target an additional enemy during a stealth kill. Each additional target consumes Focus.

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