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Mounted skills

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Mounted skills is one of the types of Skills in Shadow of War. There are 16 mounted skills.

List of Mounted skills[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Bestial Rage You can perform an Execution (Trianlge + Circle) or Howl to summon additional caragors (Square + X) even when your Might is notfull. Instead, your action cocnsumes some of your mount's Health.
Call Mount Press Left D-Pad to summon a Dominated caragor. Press Left D-Pad to command your caragor to attack targeted enemies. Press Left D-Pad to Dismiss the caragor.
Caragor Breaker Shadow Mount unbroken caragors.
Caragor Rider Hold the button to Dominate and ride a Broken Caragor.
Devouring Force Graug Executions (Triangle & Circle) restore more of your graug's Health.
Dire Caragor You can summon a Dire Caragor.
Dragon Rider Hold Circle to Dominate and ride a Broken drake.
Dragon Song You can summong a drake.
Enduring Fury Graug basic attacks gain more Might.
Graug Call You can summon a graug.
Graug Rider Hold to Dominate and ride a Broken graug.
Packmaster When Shadow Mounting a Broken cargor, other nearby caragors are Dominated.
Pounce Devouring (R2 + Square) enemies while in stealth restores more of your caragor's Health.
Scales of Iron Your drake takes far less damage from attacks.
Shadow Mount Instantly mount a Broken graug, caragor, or drake (Dragon Rider skill must be unlocked) with Shadow Strike.
Soaring Rage Your drake can shoot fireballs (L2 + R1) een when your Might is not full. Instead, your action consumes some of your mount's Health.

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