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Brûz is one of the main characters in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Appendix entry[edit | edit source]

A real battler

"It's time to separate the weak... from their heads." -- Brûz

Brûz's love of fighting is matched only by his knack for it, and even among Mordor's Ologs, Brûz's name elicits fear and respect. He is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and a tremendous asset in a siege, and enemies and allies alike know to keep their distance when he's on a rampage. His favorite kind of combat is the deadly contests that take place in Mordor's fight pits. It is rumored that Brûz has never lost a fight, a rumor Brûz does everything in his power to fuel, including tearing the head off anyone who claims to know otherwise.

Brûz has made a great number of enemies in his time in Mordor, not so much vanquished opponents -- who rarely survive the encounter with him -- but captains and Warchiefs who have seen their ranks depleted by Brûz's victories. As for the many death threats placed on him by these enemies, Brûz dismisses them as "just good for a giggle.

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